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8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep4: Another Sucks!

I talk about my dislike for the horror anime, Another. It was quite a terrible experience watching it, especially because it crushed my hopes for it rather prudently.

By the way, enjoy the new intro I spent lots of time working on!


8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep3: I’m a total puss

I tell harrowing tales of my childhood of how I was a pathetic little sh*t that would get scared by everything, in an attempt to explain why I stay away from any anime, manga or any forms of media under the Horror or Gore genre.

Lots of silly little anecdotes of a younger me. This video was just made to entertain and maybe provide some insight on how I choose what anime I watch or what manga I read.

8 days to the Apocalypse – Ep2: Chunnibyou

I talk about why I dropped Chuunibyou and why I disliked it.

I also attempt to talk about the thought processes behind “likes” and “dislikes” in a half-arsed way.

Want to watch me fumble about at logic? Watch this!

8 days to the Apocalypse – Ep1: Fate Zero’s ending

It’s like what everyone is doing, the 12 days to Christmas, but much worse.

Today’s episode: Fate Zero and my insatiable rage at the ending. Screw you Urobutcher. You’re one big asswipe.

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