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8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep4: Another Sucks!

I talk about my dislike for the horror anime, Another. It was quite a terrible experience watching it, especially because it crushed my hopes for it rather prudently.

By the way, enjoy the new intro I spent lots of time working on!


8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep3: I’m a total puss

I tell harrowing tales of my childhood of how I was a pathetic little sh*t that would get scared by everything, in an attempt to explain why I stay away from any anime, manga or any forms of media under the Horror or Gore genre.

Lots of silly little anecdotes of a younger me. This video was just made to entertain and maybe provide some insight on how I choose what anime I watch or what manga I read.

8 days to the Apocalypse – Ep2: Chunnibyou

I talk about why I dropped Chuunibyou and why I disliked it.

I also attempt to talk about the thought processes behind “likes” and “dislikes” in a half-arsed way.

Want to watch me fumble about at logic? Watch this!

8 days to the Apocalypse – Ep1: Fate Zero’s ending

It’s like what everyone is doing, the 12 days to Christmas, but much worse.

Today’s episode: Fate Zero and my insatiable rage at the ending. Screw you Urobutcher. You’re one big asswipe.

The 12 Days AniChristmas! (Introduction and to Prepare You for RANTING)

Do you hear that? That glorious sound? It is the sound of Christmas! Thanks to Cyborg I received the news really late (Just 5 minutes ago), that some people blog for the 12 days of AniChristmas. And it starts on the 13th of December, which is about to end in 5 minutes. So right now I am rushing to get it down. So for the next 12 days I will do my best in posting a post every day for the constant viewers. (I ❤ you guys- no homo)

With cute girls greeting you, it's gonna be a great season

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