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Two Cents of Cyborg – Ep13: Safety Warnings

I have a nice rant about safety warnings and stickers!! I never really understood what’s the point for their existence after all.


Cyborg Plays: Button Mash Galore (Darksiders 2 bits)

I blow the dust off my Logitech Dual Action, download and boot up an Xbox 360 controller emulator and run my recently bought Darksiders 2 for some gameplay!

Lots of swearing, plenty of exasperated outbursts of denial and disbelief and general stupid stuff. The usual in other words. Enjoy!

8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep4: Another Sucks!

I talk about my dislike for the horror anime, Another. It was quite a terrible experience watching it, especially because it crushed my hopes for it rather prudently.

By the way, enjoy the new intro I spent lots of time working on!

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