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8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep7: Hate Love

What a thoroughly confusing title eh.

Today’s video will have me talking about the interesting thought processes why I can write posts and tweets of hate directed towards an anime and still love it in the end.

It’s tsundere complex for fiction and it’s some entertaining stuff.

Also, sorry for this video being really late. I recorded the video early in the morning but I couldn’t edit and render it till late at night. So this will technically be released on Day 8 where I live.


8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep6: Just another “rage” video

I tried to make a rage video, honest. I was going to yell and be all angry about anime characters I dislike with venom.

But instead, it’s a mostly bad video of an Asian teenager raising his voice, kind of proving that I can’t rage so well.

Well, I talk about anime characters I don’t like, the video itself should be entertaining. Enjoy.


8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep5: ANGST. ANGST

I talk about Angst in fiction and I recommend a few of my favourite angsty yuri manga

Yeah, not much else happens. I whine about angsty whining and I talk about Yuri passionately. Business as usual

Why are you still reading this. Just watch the f******g video.

P.S This is also my 100th post on my blog. Yay me! I’m just going to go cry in a corner now. Yeah, bye

8 Days to the Apocalypse – Ep3: I’m a total puss

I tell harrowing tales of my childhood of how I was a pathetic little sh*t that would get scared by everything, in an attempt to explain why I stay away from any anime, manga or any forms of media under the Horror or Gore genre.

Lots of silly little anecdotes of a younger me. This video was just made to entertain and maybe provide some insight on how I choose what anime I watch or what manga I read.

Old and New, Welcome and Goodbye.


Well well well, it’s been ages since I wrote. In fact, there was a very very long time period where no one wrote here.

And thus, this post addresses that issue. I have said before in many previous posts about the situation of the blog. Back then, the majority of the writers were caught up in our very major and important examinations. However, it’s been a month since they passed and still, there has hardly been any new content. Perhaps we all got lazy or we just can’t write anymore. I can’t say for the other writers but I know for myself, I have moved on to Youtube and hoped to leave filling the blog with content to the other writers whilst I would link my videos here but alas, that didn’t work.

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The Written, the Animated and the Recorded

Izayoi Sakuya is still one of my favourite characters~

Well, I think the post title itself gives a good portion of the post’s substance away; but to hell with that, let’s plow on!

This is another one of those posts pulled from the depths of the icebox of my Iphone’s notes, which in turned was pulled deep, deep out of my ass about 6 months ago. It’s a post I’ve actually been wanting to do for a while now and after feeling guilty for not posting in ages, I’ve decided to break the seal on this one and enjoy writing it (I do take pleasure in churning out a good, long post).

As long as I can recall (which, frankly, is not a great deal. I honestly can’t remember what I ate for breakfast when it’s lunch), I’ve always had a preference for the written work over the other forms of media. To absorb a painstakingly constructed plot and to ease the consumption like a book can is a sensation that no other forms of media have yet to let me experience. Something about holding a physical copy of fiction and to slowly work your way through it at your own pace just clicks with me.

Good art eh

Thus, I’ve decided to write a post today to explain why I watch such a scarce handful of anime over the huge amount of manga I read. I’ve been asked that question a fair amour after all

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A.C.M.E and the rape of my wallet

There, have a heart attack

I know that none of the writers here on Otaku Panorama has posted jack shit in ages. That’s simply because 4/5 of us are 16 and guess what, exams are more of a bitch than an ant bite on the penis. HOWEVER, 3 of us have found time in our pseudo post-exam pre-“O” levels period to head down to a little anime convention today.

Today, Selcouth, SleepyNoYume and I went down to A..C.M.E to meet some Twitter friends and to enjoy our time after a gruelling 2 week long Preliminary Exam. A.C.M.E is an abbreviation for A Certain Magical Event (No prizes for the original inspiration for the name but you might get a cookie!) and unlike AFA, it’s really, really small, which is both good and bad.

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Megurine Luka Full Figure – GET!!!!!

Never a better time to use this picture

Finally, I’ve managed to get my Pre-order of Megurine Luka. One heck of a story to tell on how I got it!!

Enjoy this video of my recounting that tale and un-boxing this wonderful figure

I do need help naming this new series on Youtube though. This series will be all the videos that will be completely related to the blog, so it will have our podcasts, our videos and etc. I want a good, classy name!!

Sexy Face Time with Cyborg!!

Oh yeah, I finally got to recording an actual video with actual moving images. So here’s my face!!!

The video sure took a lot of effort to do. There was a lot of computer problems involved, mostly Sony Vegas Pro f******g up due to some codec error where I can’t import my videos to edit. So alas, I had to use Windows (shit) movie maker. Either way, enjoy!

Extending that Intro!!

Giving more information on the Channel!

Just a quick upload. I think I actually fucked up more on this video because I prepared a script. Didn’t have enough funny ;A;


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