Just a Little Funny Story

I’ve been egging(?) to tell someone about this rather interesting incident that occurred with 3 of our writers, Cyborg, Free and myself.

A little eye catcher to get started ^^

All three of us had to go for chinese remedials (yes we suck at our mother tongue) and managed to get ourselves into the same remedial class. Not interesting I know, hang a moment.

So after slipping in and out of sleep for half of the entire thing, the teacher starts talking about hiding secrets (or something else, I forgot.) and starts talking about her son hiding his manga. The mention of the “m” word woke me up and then she went on to tell us about how her son tried to hide his manga and how he treatened to leave the house if she read them.

At this point both Free and I turn and pointed at Cyborg before bursting out into really loud laughter which he did not get. (Cyborg keeps H in his phone which we linked to what the teacher said to what happened if his parents found out about his H)

Clueless as he is, after the lesson we had to explain to him the whole thing. Now the question was what kind of manga did the son have to be that protective. I went along with, “Probably some H” but Lessthanfree went to the extreme and suggested that it was Yaoi which mind-effed all of us for a while. ^^;

Hope you liked this anecdote, just really wanted to share this rather interesting experience of Otakus in the world.

Bye bye~!


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