Warhammer 40,000

We are the Angels of Death, We are the Space Marines

I picked up this hobby about 2 years ago. Before then, I had already been interested in Warhammer 40k and i have played most the RTS games of the series. Hence, I desired to start an army when I set my eyes upon my very first figurine on the Internet. It took a lot of time to locate a store in Singapore that sold these exquisite models and even more money to acquire them.

Some of my friends comment but that it’s a waste of cash but I don’t agree. I like things that occupy my mind like reading, watching shows and playing games as they allow my mind to slip from reality, to a land of fantasy and fiction which does help to alleviate my various mental problems. This section of the blog focuses on paintingthese figurines and the games and events I have attended or will attend.

However, this is a rather time-consumign hobby so this section won’t be updated all that often. But when it does, I guarantee it’ll be interesting.

Painting Update #1

Painting Update #2

Battle Report #1

Battle Report #2


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