I am CyborgCommunist. People usually formulate rather bad first impressions about me on first glances. Of course, these impressions usually get justified when they actually do talk to me. I’m certainly not the nicest guy most people will meet and I’m rather frank, insensitive and strongly opinionated. While the various psychologists I’ve chatted with say that I’m just very individualistic, the general consensus is that I’m just a douche. Perhaps I am.

As to why this section of this blog is called Interests of a Psychopath, it’s a simple story. This was the original name of the blog but of course, that has since been edited. However, I wan unwilling to part with it. I just fits me too well. I have a multitude of interests, ranging from weaponry to Geography to human psychology. But of course, this blog is dedicated to Anime and Manga. As for the Psychopath, that would just be one of the best nouns to describe me. I do fit the criteria rather well if you get to know me.

I genuinely look up to the Joker

I’m (obviously) interested in the Japanese culture although I just started watching anime and reading manga seriously at the dawn of 2011.
Also interested in philosophy, psychology and all aspects of all (mostly arguing about them)
I’m also interested in Warhammer 40k (Iplay the PC games and the tabletop and have read lots of novels on it) and I love gaming (mostly FPS and RTS. And Minecraft )

I have an intense passion for Yuri so you’ll have to pardon the pics of GL sometimes
I tend to not like to share my passion for otaku-ness to others except close friends so my online life as CyborgCommunist is somewhat a secret. (shush, don’t tell a soul or I’ll kill ya)

Motherf*****g Dragon!!

When I blog, I do tend to rant a bit resulting in some really long posts. I am also quite whimsical and over-passionate in my opinions ( I would prefer enthusiastic though). Swearing, distasteful humour, sarcasm and cynicism are all abundant in my posts.
I’m open to all sort of comments and criticism (except trolling which is just annoying. Unless I’m the one doing it)




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