Arararagi Get’s Raped, Multiple Times (Nisemonogatari Episode 2 Review)

Again, it is time for the 2nd episode of Nisem. Sorry it is really late by episodic standards, I have been extremely busy with work and stuff, not to mention my bukatsu (club). So if you have been waiting for a long time for this I apologise. If you did not, on to the review!

The Moe Sisters! Oh wait, my bad. It's the Fire Sisters

So to summarise this episode, it is more or less like the previous one. More character introductions, not that I am complaining since I got exactly what I asked for. Nadeko! But first we get to see more of the fire sisters and a brief explanation of their character. They seem interesting enough and I have to say I am excited to see their role in the whole show, which is only 11 episodes. Why? Why must you torture us like this?

We finally get to see more of her!

So far Araragi Karen is your classic tomboy, getting black belts here and there and walking around town on her hands. You know, the usual stuff. I have to say she is the classic “I will do it whether you like it or not” kind of person which is a little bit annoying if you see it from Ararararagi’s point of view. I know her part was kind of at the back, but she is the main character so I have to put her near the top. If her clothes change to a Yukata like her sister, I will explode from the moe.

Again, more put together pics from pain. Aint that cute???

We also know more about the younger sister Tsukihi. It turns out I was right for once. She is the explosive kind of girl who you think is very sweet and all but once you push her over the age, you can say your prayers, unless you are a half vampire like Araragi. She does seem cuter in than Karen though, with her in a Yukata and all compared to a girl in a tracksuit like her older sister.

I have to say, her rages are rather cute... (Said by a M)

Koyomi-oni-chan goes over to her house and they play a rather “interesting” game. The game pf life! Though what happens throughout that scene is really… Questionable.

This picture was so hard to put together, put looks sooo good

Obviously my favourite character will be Nadeko, so this episode has already good enough for me. Her new hairstyle and the usual HanaKana voice is awesome! But sadly their game of twister had to end half way because she conveniently forgot to tell her mum that her “Koyomi-oni-chan” was coming over to “play games”. Honestly she was planning the entire time to seduce him though her shuness does destroy most of the chances she was give. Although I don’t really mind her continuing doing that, its enjoyable to watch her. Pero pero.

Somehow that turns me on... Pero pero

After he dramatically escaped from Nadeko’s house, our hero heads on to meet the next member of his harem. Wow, I made that sound really wrong. Again as usual, the girl attempts to seduce him etc, and we get to see a crap load of Kanbaru fanservice. A lot. That was not eye-pleasing though her long hair is a nice change. But by know we know that Kanbaru is the reigning queen of trolling, but it turns out that her grandma wins her hands down.

Moral of the story, never go nude when at home, if you do, lock the door

Again there is another talk and we get more details and really nice played. The way Araragi countered Kanbaru with who is the greater pervert was just, awesome! It’s things like this that make Nisem and Bake awesome, the nice conversation that the characters have is just like what you would chat with your friends but once the action scenes come in you get blown away. So the balance between reality and supernatural plays out really well. Sorry for the random point here, but thanks to Kanbaru, Araragi has learned not to rape Hachikuchi whenever he sees her, that part was “interesting” to say the least.

You have to pity the poor guy...

I have to say I really wanted more from this episode. They spent 2 episodes introducing the characters. There are only 9 left, so please finish up the story nicely and not cut off halfway. But still I enjoyed this episode as it refreshes my mind about the characters from a month before when I completed Bake. Though most likely this is the last time the side characters get his much screen time and the focus will be on the Arararararagi siblings. But I have to say they went pretty high with the fanservice. I mean did you see all those pictures that would get me killed if there were people behind me as I was watching? But I did not mind Nadeko’s ones, Pero…. pero.

Moe... that is MOE!

So just one more point before I wrap this whole post up. I know this is kind of a long wordy post but bear with me. The ending theme is finally out. Naisho no Hanashi! It is sung by my favourite duo, ClariS, and composed by the famous composer from SuperCell, Ryo. A combination of these two will prove to be awesome and it did. It has a nice beat and a really catchy chorus, so try not to get too many eargasms and rape cases of the replay button. The opening was great as well, but my excitement for the ED kind of killed it. xP

Bottom line, both the opening and the closing rock! As expected from Nisem

The only problem that I have with ClariS songs is that they all require really high singing skill to sing and they way they raise the bar so high, covers pale in comparison to the original. Okay that may be overly fan-boyish but their voice has a different feel than other singers… and the way they harmonise is just HNNNG! I guess the main reason why the covers do not have the same feel could be that none of them thought of having a partner. ClariS is called a duo for a reason. They harmonise so well that I thought they were a single singer.

Wish I could see/meet them IRL

Both are artist impressions, which do you prefer more? Comment I wanna know

So that is the second episode and the next episode will most likely be about the sisters and the trouble they get into and Arararagi getting them out. By the way, if you wonder why I do not have any of the more “interesting” screenshots, let’s just say I want to keep my posts more PG. Cause some of the pics are really questionable. Until next week, Moe Picture

The new K-ON!! girl, Sumire!!! (drummer)


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  1. I see one of Redjuice’s artworks in here. ^.^

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