This entire section is dedicated to my videos. Alllll my videos. From Two Cents of Cyborg episodes to stories under Sophistication with CyborgCommunist as well as all the Enthusiast Cyborg episodes. Future video series will also be posted under this section!!! Look forward to that!

The reason behind my transition to Youtube is that I aspire to be a comedian in the future so I think of Youtube as a spring board to it, maybe build up a fan base of sorts, but mostly allowing me to practice and enjoy myself.

The series:

Two Cents of Cyborg is my main series, where I speak of anything that grabs my attention, covering a wide span of subjects that have ranged from fashion to cutlery thus far.

Sophistication with CyborgCommunist is the series where it’s essentially story time with me! I recount only the most interesting and perhaps bizarre tales of my life for your entertainment.

Enthusiast Cyborg covers any manga, anime or in fact, anything related to the Japanese animation culture, be it figures, music and such. It will be like the posts I did before on this blog but now in video form. With my face!

There will be many future series, including Fingering that Keyboard (my gameplay series) and maybe more! Look forward to them!


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