The Start of Something New (Anisong review introduction and Secret Base review)

So… as Cyborg aptly explained to me that this blog name is interestsoap, the things we blog about can be about our interests. Hence, the articles about knives and Cyborg’s novel. But since my life is so dull and boring, it will still be about anime. But a certain part of anime that not many people notice and try to skip every single episode. The opening and closings.


After going to AFA and seeing the concert and stuff, I felt that Anime songs have not been given enough recognition, so from now on, depending on how well these posts are received, I will be doing Anisong reviews.

Today's topic

Since K-ON is long gone and no-one really still think about it except for die-hard fans like me, I cannot do K-ON song reviews as they are too old and too many. Or rather just too many. Cause the song today is Secret Base, a 10 year old songs that has brief spurts of fame since the band ZONE(now disbanded) composed it.

It was performed at ZONE’s closing concert for the last time before Scandal did a cover for it. Both versions are really good (links at the bottom) but what made me find it in the first place? Its none other than AnoHana, one of those touching Animes this year. It was sung by the main female characters’ seiyuu and it is still as sweet as ever.  I will be doing a review for it soon to whom this might concern. Anyway, the song is the ED for AnoHana and the last moment had this song playing and the song mixed in made me tear.

It might seem to be a very simple song, but the way it is carried off gives it a light as well as deep mood at the same time. You can listen to it all day and the mood will still be there, unlike most songs, touching songs never seem to grow old. So listen to it and to the few people that read this blog, comment on what you think.

Some of you may ask me why I decided to do Anime song reviews, well I am a very audio person and music influence me a lot, so why not combine Anime, music and blogs together. And as always, the Moe pic.

Not K-ON!, but AnoHana was as enjoyable


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