Holy. F*****g. Shit. What was that (Black Rock Shooter episodic: Episode 5)

Hawt Hawt Hawt

First, let me saysay “holy f****g shit, what was that addkgjlrvh *head-laptop*”

Ok, now that that is out of the way, the episodic can begin for the most mindf**k episode of Black Rock Shooter yet.

I have no idea how to start this but heck, let’s go

Muthaf****g Skeletons in my Muthaf****g way!!!

The episode starts with Black Rock Shooter going ape-shit on Dead Master’s armies, tearing them new assholes with 2 Chainguns. However, she gets smashed by a giant warrior with a hammer but kills it. Yomi sends out her 2 giant skull servants and they fuse into a giant 2 headed entity that tries to kill Black Rock Shooter. Black Gold Saw watches all this and then proceeds to vanish under the green liquid of Dead Master’s realm.

Overkill is underrated. Especially when outnumbered

Mato and Yuu are then seen walking to school where Mato is hesitating is she should go to Yomi’s house to pick her up. Eventually, she gets there and presses the doorbell where Yomi’s mother answers, telling them to go away. However, Yomi comes out of the house just as her mother is done and they head to school with an air of dread between Mato and Yuu.

Yomi gives Yuu an orange bracelet, saying it’s to match Mato’s. However, later on in school, Yuu notices strands of green in the bracelet and realizes that Yomi also braided her hair into it as well. During art class, Mato sees Yomi staring at a pair of scissors before she uses them to cut off strands of her hair, causing the class, Mato and the teacher to panic. Yomi’s mother is then seen in Yomi’s room which has been torn to shreds by Yomi before she goes and fetch Yomi from school.

Later on in class, Mato’s classmates gossip about Yomi going all bonkers in class. Suddenly, Kagari confronts Mato, telling her that Yomi’s heart has died and that it was Mato’s fault. Hence, Mato slaps her and leaves the room.

Yuu enter’s Saya’s room and confronts her, accusing Saya of causing all the problems, especially with Yomi. Saya says she was only giving advice and that it will only hurt for a while but a wounded heart would be easier to heal. Then, one would never be able to be hurt again. Yuu leaves the room in shock but as she does, it is shown that Yuu does not have a shadow.

a bit unnerving

In Mato’s home, Mato is re-reading her favourite book (The name escapes me) and gets depressed by the ending where the Little Bird dies.She falls into a trance where she remembers her dreams of Black Rock Shooter. In her trance, Mato sees a new scene with Black Rock Shooter attacking Dead Master and she starts yelling, pleading Black Rock Shooter to stop fighting as she’s injured. Mato wakes up and panics, trying to re-write the story to give it a happier ending but drops her pencil and starts crying.


Yomi is absent the next day in school and Mato goes to Says for help. Saya offers her tea this time and says that she actually hates coffee unless it is made into cafe au lait. She then asks Mato is she wants to save Yomi. Mato says she is unsure waht Saya means by “saving” Yomi. Saya then tells her that to save Yomi, Mato should die before proceeding to strangle Mato. But she lets go and Mato stumbles out of the room in shock. Says says she was just kidding and tells Mato that there is something special waiting for her in the art room.

Mato heads there and finds the painting of herself crying blood, painted by Yomi. Then she realizes she was the one to break Yomi’s heart.

In basketball practice, Mato is still stunned by her realization and is grazed by a ball. The manager asks if she is alright but Mato notices it’s not Yuu. She enquires where Yuu is but no one knows who she si talking about. Even Kohacchi has no idea who Yuu is. Mato then runs out of the practice with my thoughts clouded with dread and suspicion. As she runs away, she remembers that all her memories of Yuu were hazy. She tries to find Yuu’s house but when she arrives, it is nothing but the shore of a river.

Suddenly, Yuu appears next to Mato, asking if she wants to save Yomi. It is seen that Yuu does not have a shadow despite the setting sun throwing shadows all over. Yuu tells her that the world where a different Mato fights her grief really exists, as Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter fight in that world. Yuu warns Mato that Mato’s other self is shouldering all of her grief, and at this rate, she will be destroyed, but if that other “Mato” dies, Mato will be freed from her grief.

Yuu explains that that was how Kohacchi and Kagari were set free from their grief. If Yomi (Dead Master) was to be killed in the other world, she would be set free from her grief. She would also forget about Mato and the grief Mato caused her.

Meanwhile, Black Rock Shooter gains the upper hand over Dead Master in the “other” world.

Mato exclaims that it does not make sense as a fight cannot be the way to get rid of grief. She says that grief can only be removed by talking things through with others and not violence and also that relying on others to do it for you is not the correct way to go about it.

I had to re-watch the ep to make more sense out of it

Yuu says that she feels the same way. She says that she thinks of Mato as someone important. She says that she had no friends until she met Mato, and asks her if she really wants to save her Yomi, if she wants to talk to her and resolve her differences that way. Mato says yes. Yuu says that it will be very painful, and tells her to come closer.

Yes, my Yuri goggles went insane here

Their foreheads touch and Mato falls unconscious where she wakes up in the “other” realm, surrounded by Black Rock Shooter’s aura. Black Rock Shooter speaks to Mato, asking her if she was sure that she wanted to save Yomi. Mato shouts that she does and her left eye beings spewing blue flame.

Suddenly, she sees herself in Black Rock Shooter’s body. Opposite her, she sees Yomi in Dead Master’s body. Suddenly, Black Rock Shooter stabs Dead Master and Mato begins crying, asking Black Rock Shooter why she would do that.

In the real world, Mato’s unconscious body begins screaming and crying.

Yuu repeatedly apologizes to Mato as she holds her body but she addresses her as Black Rock Shooter instead.

Dead Master slides of Black Rock Shooter’s sword and her realm dissolves her as she scream. Black Rock Shooter’s left eye stops glowing with blue flame and a red flame shows up, mixing with the blue fire to create a purple flame. The white star breaks in half.

Insane Black Rock Shooter!!

Wow, that was the most hardcore episode on Black Rock Shooter. They finally fully explained what the “other” realm with Black Rock Shooter and the others was to clear our doubts. It is obvious that Yuu is fighting against Saya but it is not certain who or what Yuu is. Perhaps she is a ghost? She doesn’t have a shadow for one. But in terms of development, I’m guessing that they are only getting started.

Yomi going completely nuts and insane was expected from the previous episode’s ending but will she be normal again after Black Rock Shooter kills Dead Master? But Mato says that she wants to get rid of Yomi’s grief by talking things through with her.

For now, I really want to know what happens to Black Rock Shooter, who is now fused with Mato’s spirit. Yuu also seems to be the same actually (as in fused with her “other” self) but of course, we are not sure what Strength’s intentions in the “other” realm are. At the last scene, we saw Black Rock Shooter turning into her Insane version (Who I have a poster off. I never knew who the girl with the purple flame was till today) so I’m unsure if she will keep to her desire to save Yomi by talking with her. Will she do nuts and kill Strength and Black Gold Saw? And what will happen to Mato in the real world.

And now beings the anxious wait for the next episode. I feel that they have set up a sold foundation for an excellent and climatic plot about here and perhaps an epic twist to it all. I’m still satisfied with the show thus far but I really hope they don’t leave unanswered questions.


To end the post on a jollier note, enjoy some of the more entertaining moments of this episode

Interesting camera viewpoint

Hammer -

- TIME!!!!!!!!!

Oh crap, it was only a hitmarker


High Five!!



Yes, I couldn't resist using this after I found it


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