We Have the Full Cast and the Problem! (Nisemonogatari Episode 4 Review)

Sunday is such a weird day, on the really down side, I have to go back to school, on the other upside, Nisem Subs get released and that is just totally awesome. After much discussion, LessThanFree has agreed to help me with the screen shots and will add his own words at the end along with mine.

Nothing clever to say here...

Finally the episode where every, single, freaking character gets shown. We have the full cast in action at last and the action is already underway. For storyline progression, Araragi rushes home and haves a quarrel with his sisters who got into trouble. Talks with Hanekawa, has a bath with Shinobu and shares an awkward moment with Tsukihi and we realise that Karen is sick and in trouble.

Weird, she looked fine when Araragi was with them

Hanekawa finally appears and I have to say not a moment too late. Design-wise her hairstyle obviously changed and she loosed the glasses. The new look is completely cuter than the old one in my opinion and I would certainly get a figure of it, just saying. Her voice is good as usual and is the same from Bake so not much in that sector.

Remember her? The girl that used to have glasses and twin plaits?

The talk she has with Araragi shows a few things. One, she is rather well-bonded with the sisters and they both like each other. Two, she is still the smart character and will continue to do so. (I hope) and finally, I am pissed about this scene. Why? You might ask. Remember something, what is her catchphrase? And did you see it appear?

But other than that I love the scene and the meaningful conversation. I like the way she owned Senjougahara, nice to see how easily out tsundere with no dere get won by out girl who does not know everything, just the stuff she knows.

Blackmailing Senjougahara 101. Involve Araragi

Shinobu appears too! The sweet loli vampire appears. Completely in the nude. Not bad for fanservice I will give you that. Her voice is just so awesome. Can we give a round of applause to Maaya Sakamoto please! She does the voice really well and I love the accent she does for Shinobu’s voice.

That's what we were counting on!

The conversation Shinobu has with Araragi is deeper than one would expect. The fact that she spent 3 months thinking about their relationship is kind of sad. You have to somewhat pity her. Plus she had to listen to Oshino talk non-stop. Poor girl. The deep relationship Araragi and Shinobu have is something I find interesting. And we know that Araragi is completely powerless without her. So we definitely will see more of her, which is great.

Hanekawa and his sisters would brutally murder him

They both caused harm to each other and yet now they are stuck together. She did attack him and he did reduce her to a weakened form, but now that they put past their problems and settled all disputes, I really want to see them in action. For her personality-wise, I guess she is proud girl who insults people but truly cares about them. Yup, another tsundere. Though Senjougahara is more of a yandere.


As expected from Nisem, the comedy does not falter and we get a nice scene of Tsukihi walking in on Araragi and Shinobu’s shower time. Reappearing a few seconds later with a knife and a yandere-scary voice.

What did I tell you?

We now know Karen is in trouble, Shinobu and Hanekawa will help and Kaiki is the one behind it. Ok Free, wrap it up!

Thanks for making so many paragraph spaces to fill with screenshots. Overall I like this episode because we get to see Araragi’s relationship with his sisters and Shinobu talking for the first time. Though it was short, his abuse at the hands of Karen made me feel bad for him. I expected Shinobu to be more kawaii, but she is 500 years old so she’s very tsun. It’ll be interesting to see what she does from here on out.

My favorite part is that Hanekawa, with her new haircut, also has a hold on Senjougahara, threatening her by saying she’ll get Araragi to be her boyfriend. For me its great cuz Senjougahara was always doing whatever she wanted in Bake, but now Hanekawa seems to have tamed her and I’m now excited to see what exactly their relationship is.

Also, the bathtub talk adds some depth as the possibility of Araragi living on and seeing everyone around him die is introduced. Shinobu seems to want him to avoid this and suggests that he kill her, but being the super nice guy he refuses.

Slacker: Again I love this show and as always, moe picture!

Very Moe~ for a 500 year old


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  1. I liked this episode mainly because of Shinobu. I was so surprised to hear her talk. As for Hanekawa, for some reason, I think I will more like it if she just untie her hair. But, I definitely agreed, I love how she owned Senjougahara, and I like how she did it without being violent.

    • I love all the main girls and it was a nice touch holding back the characters , they made the long wait totally worth it!

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