On the Third Day of AniChristmas (Toyosaki Aki Description/Thoughts Post)

On the third day of AniChristmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a blog about a particular seiyuu. As you guys may have found out on the first day, I am interested in seiyuu so this time I am going to do a blog post about a particular seiyuu. Toyosaki Aki or Aki-chan as some people call her.

Toyosaki Aki-Seiyuu

So basically I got some of the information from her seiyuu data file here. Why I chose her of all the many other seiyuu? Because she along with the other K-ON seiyuu are my favorites. (Hint: this might not be the only post)

All the K-ON!! girls, EPIC CUTENESS

Since factual posts are kinda boring… I will just give you a few basic facts then move on to what I think. If you want to know more just google her name, I am here to just introduce and answer any questions you have.

Name: Toyosaki Aki

Nickname: Please call me whatever you wish♡

Birthday: 28th October 1986

Starsign: Scorpio

Bloodtype: AB

Birthplace: I♡Tokushima

Agency: MusicRay’n

This is from her seiyuu data file and if you want more and is lazy to scroll up…. Here is it again. And that concludes the entire fact part. So now, for some interesting facts that you may or may not know… these are FUN-facts, so they are different. てへぺろ

More photo shoot pictures

If you did not know yet, she is actually an extremely avid gamer and enjoy games like Senjou no Kizuna which is a Gundam arcade game which you sit in the cockpit-like seat which cost 500 Yen a game. Apparently she carries her PSP with her wherever she goes too and likes the K-ON! PSP game. You can read about her blogging about it here.

I used this in a previous post, but let me explain. This is a cartoon of Aki saying "1 hour of gaming a day? How can you level up with only an hour?"

Ok, I will try to stop the facts…. (Notice the word ‘try’) A good way to explain why I like her as a seiyuu is nicely said by Hikasa Youko who introduced her as “the world’s representative of warm and fluffy”. Most of the roles that I have seen her voice as all have a very light voices and that suits her nicely. From other bloggers, I heard she has a really big range of voices though I have not really heard them yet. I guess her voice has a really soothing effect? That or it is extremely cute.

From reading her blog translations and radio show transcriptions, she also seems to be a nice person albeit a sarcastic one. Her reaction to Itou Kanae not knowing reindeer exist was hilarious. She seems to be a likeable person and has a really cute personality. In another radio show, it turns out when she was still in school, she wanted give boy Valentine’s Day present, she was too shy to give it to him but at the end of the day, when she thought it was her last chance, she threw the chocolate at him.

LOL, I do not mind her throwing chocolates at me... xD

From another radio show, (not sure of the name) she said she spent most of her school days in her classroom listening to her walkman. Even with such an anti-social childhood, she still became a great seiyuu and person. There is hope for me yet!

I have hope, I have hope.... Keep that thought in mind

Singing wise, I first heard her singing from K-ON! (Obviously) and her voice has its own uniqueness. Since her voice is naturally high, she sings cutely and her voice can be both rocked to or soothe you after a long day. Seeing that she is part of the popular seiyuu group Sphere and has an album out, I think it is safe to say that she is a good singer.

Her album poster if I am not mistaken

In the looks department, she is definitely above average in my opinion. Seeing that there are so many pictures from her photo shoots on the net, you can surely find one and judge for yourself. Her long sleeves covering her arms is definitely a moe factor, it’s just sooo cute! So is her smile… I sound like a desperate fan… OTL

Long sleeves never looked so good... Hnnng

So that brings us to the end of the third day of AniChristmas. I hope I did not freak you out with anything, sadly I cannot really write about how I feel for this post as it would raise the creepiness bar by quite a lot. So again, give me suggestions about what to do next and any of your thoughts about this post. And as always enjoy the Moe pic. Sorry for the lack of diverse pictures but it is hard to find pictures of Aki other than photoshoots or live events after a certain incident.

Anime Version of Aki-- MOE

Day 4 Post


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  1. And I’m the stalker? Really? XD

  2. Oh.. Now I know what you mean about “I did say that Aki’s one was not the only one”.. ^^ I love Aki and Yoko. One of the reason I love them is that, they seems like an anti-social person when they were in high school(Just like me) but look at them now. They have more friends. ^^ Can you also do some blog about the other K-On! Seiyuu? ^^

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