My mind is full of f**k…and questions (Black Rock Shooter Episodic: Episode 3)

This post is meant to highlight 3 different things. Firstly, I’ll like to thank all the readers of InteresSOAP for allowing us to reach 10k total views!!! It’s not that much of a landmark but something that we’re rather proud of. So I’m very grateful for that. Also, at the bottom of this post, I put a short explanation for the problems that many no doubt have encountered recently on the blog regarding pictures in my posts. However, the main purpose is of course, Black Rock Shooter.

I was really looking forward to this episode of Black Rock Shooter for more doses of emotional battles and symbolism. It’s such a wonderful way to end a horrible week by watching anime you like, isn’t it? Thank goodness this episode didn’t disappoint and I hope Black Rock Shooter will never disappoint. Because it’s only 8 episodes long and any disappointments would pretty much ruin the whole show and not just a small arc.

Now, onto the episodic. To follow up on what happened at the end of episode 2, it seems Kagari just simple fell asleep after becoming all dere dere. According to Yomi, she is slowly recovering of her dependence on her although it’s not confirmed if she is truly no longer a yandere. However, it seems Yomi is now becoming an yandere as she is portrayed at being jealous of Mato and Yuu’s relationship, with them being childhood friends and all. So this might add a new spin to later episodes.

dere dere?


However, one of the more important things that happens in this episode is the training camp Mato and Yuu go on. It turns out Mato had been dreaming of Black Rock Shooter and the “other selves” and was rudely awakened one night at camp by such a scene. Black Gold Saw is seen at the start of the episode sprinkling the dirt of the “other world” where hooded figures sprout forth. Suddenly, the sky seems to fall upon her and the hooded figures as Black Rock Shooter brings down the roof. Which is the bit Mato jerks awake.

Awwwww yeah. Again

Is she Black Gold Saw?

Yuu uses Saya sensei’s explaination (Yes, I finally learned the counsellor’s name) that maybe Mato is dreaming of those that “bear the pain for her” which is all rather confusing to the pair of them. Strength has yet to show up but I got a feeling it’s just a matter of time. Perhaps in the next episode we’ll see her making an appearance.

However, the main plot event this episode would be about Kohachi sempai, the captain of the basketball team (If I’m correct. That or coach). After confessing to the guy she fancies, she also gets him a nice souvenir from camp. However, it seems his classmates had found her love letter and posted it on the notice board to mock her. However, she walks it off with a forced smile.

This once again links back to my theory that Black Gold Saw is the counsellor. They gave a lot of strong hints in this episode like the circled names in the student reigstor which hint that Saya sensei knows she is Black Gold Saw and also the identities of the “other selves”. Kohachi seems to be one of the hooded figures Black Gold Saw brings forth from the dirt and it’s re-enacted in the real world when she counsels Kohachi although I didn’t really think she helped a lot. It could be perhaps she’s trying to change the events of the “other world” through the real world as she seems intent on making Kohachi all depressed by thinking about what transpired in the hallway and noticeboard. It’s linked to the scene where Black Gold Saw offers her hand to the hooded figure that I think is supposed to symbolize Kohachi.

Further on in the episode, Kohachi gets injured during basketball practise and Mato aids her in the infrimary. As Mato leaves, she suddenly gets a vision of the “other world”. Black Rock Shooter had been firing at Black Gold Saw but misses all her shots. Thereafter, she also offers her hand to pseudo-Kohachi. But she grabs pseudo-Kohachi and beheads her. Back in the real world, Mato senses something is wrong with Kohachi and so does Saya sensei. Kohachi faints in the infirmary as she also seems affected by the events in the “other world”, much like Kagari as they both screamed a lot before passing out. It also gives a strong hint that Saya sensei is indeed Black Gold Saw as she starts crying shortly after while trying to server Yomi black coffee (the symbolism of which no doubt will be shown later as Yomi doesn’y like black coffee).

All in all, I think this episode created a lot of framework for the next few episodes as well as developed the characters. We are now unsure of Black Rock Shooter’s intentions in the “other world” neither do we know what Black Gold Saw does. In the first episode, we could see Black Gold Saw’s eye “observing” Chariot fighting Black Rock Shooter, which gives the impressions she is able to affect how the “other world” works as she also stopped the rent that Black Rock Shooter opened to destroy Chariot and created the fissure that swallowed up Dead Master.

Personally, I think Black Gold Saw is kind of like “admin” of the world as she seems to be aware that she is Saya sensei and vice versa. Hence, she seems to be trying to affect what happens in both worlds through the other world. I have no doubt we’ll see the significance of the “grudge match” between Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw soon. The fact they have similar designs also hint at something deeper and darker in the upcoming plot. But that’s enough conspiring for today. I’m really glad Black Gold Saw finally makes a full appearance as her character really interested me and as usual, the story was pretty good.

Imagine that face with the caption "Dah f**k???"

P.S – I’ll also like to apologize for the pictures in my other posts disappearing. It seems too many people have been viewing my pictures hence, I exceeded Photobucket’s 10Gb bandwidth limit for free accounts. To try and ensure this problem doesn’t happen again, I made my albums private so no one save me can view them so less of my bandwidth will be consumed. In the meantime, the pictures will return to their original state AFTER the 21st of this month. Till then, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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  1. seriously? k on yuri? thats aweshum ^^

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