Sexist? I Think So! (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 6)

Wow, this time I’m really, really late with this post. Sorry about that, my exams are really close and work just keeps piling up so this post has been delayed long enough.

I'll be gone for a while next week ;_; Will you miss me?

As expected from Nichibros, this episode had me laughing as usual. Not your usual “har har” but the “HAR HAR HEE HEE HOO HOO” kind of laugh. Wait, who on earth laughs like that? Oh wait… I do.

I... sort of laugh like her... annoying and loud

The show starts off with the boys’ usual random banter, not bad, they burned Harry Potter really well. The way I see Harry Potter is no longer “wizard” but a “Magical High School Boy” who is a hikkomori (shut-in) and wears pantsu (female undies) on his head. Thanks for ruining my late childhood and teenhood.

Pantsu... on head.... *Mind Explodes*

High School Boys and the Holy Night

Appaerently High School boys are not tactful at all and Yoshitake pissed of his older sister who ended up causing her to rage/PMS. Hell hart no fury as a woman reminded that she is forever alone. Girls and their ever changing moods, at least that’s the stereotype this segment is giving me. So to my little female readers, being less violent is probably the best way to get a boyfriend, if you’re single that is. Plus, Yoshitake’s sister more or less destroyed the idea I had of Onee-sans (older sisters).

Don't you hate it when you get thrown of ledges by your friend's sister?

High School Boys and the New Semester

Wow, it seems like the students are not the only ones who know how to throw. I mean imagine your teacher tells you there’s a test the next day and you spend the whole night cramming. Then, as you confidently walk into class, she says “There’s no test”. That is more or less what you learn from the episode although in a really different way. That and HS (High School) boys are really random.

Trolling Teacher...

High School Boys and Little Sister Troubles

There is should be a part in the bro-code that states, “A bro shall not hit on another’s bro sister without permission and help look after her without being asked”. Ok, I completely made that up, but it is kind of true. Except for really fail instances like Tadakuni, most older brothers keep an eye out for their sisters. And it is expected that when the older bro is not there, his friends will be the back-up. So I guess this is rather true. Cause bros help each other take care of things. (In more ways than one if you know what I mean)

Wearing disguises does seem like a good idea.

High School Boys and Ringo’s Problem

Classic thing about HS boys or boys in particular, we will try to protect each other’s back and a lot of stupid things happen from us doing that. On the topic of stupid, that Ringo has idiocy (and violence) issues. Some girls just cannot be pleased. She is the unliving version of that. Talking to girls like that is like “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

I really do not get what did he do wrongly

High School Boys and Motoharu’s Trouble

Another classic thing. Nice guys always seem to get taken advantage of, that or we really do not want to leave people in the lurch. (Or maybe it is the chance we get a reward) It’s a sad pride thing I guess. And asking rhetorical questions to guys will get you stupid answers 90% of the time. Get it? No. That part had to be one of the best played jokes I have seen in a while.

Caption? No.

High School Boys and the Sure-Kill Shot

Ah, the satisfaction of trolling people with your hidden talent. You expect to have an easy victory then that other guy turns out to be a complete boss at that game. Your ego gets crushed but it’s really nice if you are the guy trolling. Side note, if you are not good at one thing, there will be other things you will be good at.

Like A Boss!

High School Girls are Funky (The Past)

I will just end it quick. Girls here show are vulgar and violent and force ideal onto other people. That end your past can affect your future. (duh (again))

That is scary.... ^^;

This show is obviously very sexist and they do not deny it one bit. But the great way the just phrase it is just makes it really hard to hate. So if you feel offended by this show, I have to say you need to think it a little more open-mindedly. Then again, I doubt there will be people offended.

Another punch scene please~

Ok, sorry for the late post,  and once again I will be MIA for the next week. And, moe picture!

Loli Mugi.... drool



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