Incestuous Toothbrushing – Nisemonogatari Episode 8 Review

Before I talk about the episode, I have to apologize for not doing the episodic last week because I was feeling lazy, which forced Sleepyslacker to cover up for me. So from now on I’m going to do it every week.

More than the start of Tsukihi’s arc, this episode feels more like the epilogue to Karen Bee. It shows how the relationship between Karen and Araragi is no longer hostile and instead is so close that its almost incentral. In fact Tsuhiki is only featured for something like 2 minutes even though this is supposedly her arc. My guess is that her reaction to this incest will be in the next episode and will get the ball rolling for the arc.

Nothing intelligent to say here

Seeing how suggestively Karen behaved, I thought that she would react in jealousy when Araragi mentioned Kanbaru. When she said that she looks up to Kanbaru, my faith in the show’s normality was restored. Then it was shattered again starting with this:

I'm not Cyborg or Sleepy, so no sexual joke here

Then things started to get really weird. I would’ve thought the only person to be pleasured sexually by getting their teeth brushed by another person would be Kanbaru. Maybe Karen and Kanbaru would get along really well seeing as they’re both so… Sensitive for the lack of better word. I actually liked Karen, but now I’m not too sure. Hopefully her character has no more overlaps with anybody else.

You Don't Say?

I hope Nisem isn’t shown on family channels during the day because the sounds alone would be enough to get it censored in most countries. To make it worse, Araragi, the shining knight of morality, starts to get excited and almost gropes Karen. If not for Tsukihi, this episode would just be 20 minutes of siscon fanservice. Instead its only 18 minutes of siscon. I don’t usually post suggestive images, but when I do, its because of the episode.

*victory theme music playing*

When Cyborg argued with me that Nisemonogatari has a huge amount of fanservice, I used to be able to counter argue. Now, with this episode I don’t think that I can anymore.

Misleadingly innocent look

Even after Tsukihi caught them and went to buy an awl (pointed stick for poking leather) to use to punish them, Karen still wanted to continue with the challenge, kinda cute but also very wrong. The episode end with a simple conclusion that Araragi is closer to Karen now.

Overall I thought this episode was kinda pointless and shallow, the most it can do is set the stage for the next episode. But being pointless doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entertaining. That said, I hope there are no more shallow episodes for this season because there are only 4 episodes left and also because I will think of this episode whenever I brush my teeth.

Thus far, the season feels way too slow paced. Unless they really add on the depth in the last few episodes, there’s a big chance that this season will be a bit of a let down in the aspect of plot and pace.

I felt that Karen’s arc was too long when compared to Bakemonogatari’s arcs. I get that they want to showcase all the old characters and its hard to do that when the arc isn’t about them but still, 7 episodes out of 12 is pretty long. I’m interested to see how Tsukihi is immortal or rather how Araragi found out about it.

Thanks for reading to the end! If you thought what I said made sense, or you’d like to shout at me, leave a comment below.


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  1. it is R17…. you did not do your research again 0.0

  2. Honestly i have not jumped on board with this series yet. I probably will now. There has been a lot of fuss about this episode. It looks like it could be interesting.

  3. nise is 11 eps long according to MAL not 12.

  4. This… seems quite awkward indeed. Just my kind of thing. ^ ^ It may be fanservice, but at least, it’s fanservice that’s not totally just vanilla.

  5. This was supposed to be a ‘weird’ anime show, not a normality that you want.

  6. Your review is wrong for every reason you dislike it. Seriously appreciate the artwork and plot. Don’t read into the length of the episode, but the story set forward, because you’ll know everything in between because of it. It’s not even filler, it’s the acts that are important.

    • Firstly, a review is supposed to voice the WRITER’S opinion, not the readers. The reason why most people read review is to know about other people have to say about it.

      Secondly, different writers focus on different stuff. If you have not noticed it by now, Free focuses on more of the thematic and not on the technical stuff, so if you want a factual kind of review, feel free to a) ask if he could focus on the artwork/plot/etc or b) go look for a blog that does so.

      Thirdly, as a big fan of both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, it is kind of obvious that the plot is not the strong point of the series, the main focus is the character interaction and Free talks plenty about that.

      Finally, as reviewers, we are supposed to “read into the length of the episode”. And honestly, not much of the show will be affected even if this episode was taken out. I can safely say that this episode can fit in almost any part of the season after the happenings of Karen Bee. Be it a Blu-Ray special or an OVA.

      Still I thank you for your comment and your opinions, but if you would like to criticise, please give constructive criticism and advice on how we can improve to suit your “tastes” and not just random hate insults.

      Have a nice day!

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