Aya~nyan! (Seiyuu Impression Post, Taketatsu Ayana)

I’m back! After a rather short hiatus (break) I am back on the blogging thingy. But since I do not have the mood for doing an episodic and I do owe someone (hint hint) a post, here it is, another seiyuu post all about Taketatsu Ayana.

Nyan~ Nuff Said. NYAN~

She’s currently one of my more favourite seiyuu and she does voice Azu-nyan so choosing her next is a rather obvious option. Ok, time for the entertaining/creeping out to begin.

Taketatsu Ayana

Name: Taketatsu Ayana

Nickname: Ayachi, Aya~nyan

Birthday: 23rd June 1989

Height: 151.5 cm

Starsign: Cancer

Bloodtype: O

Birthplace: Saitama

Agency: I’m Enterprise

Why you decided to become a seiyuu: It would take too long say…

The turning point for you as a seiyuu, be it a role or an anime: Let’s see… Everything I’ve been in has had an impact on me. Maybe my debut series?

Work-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past year: Everything *heart* I treasure it all.

Work motto: Have fun!! But be serious!!

Favourite musical genres, musicians: Arashi!! And anime songs as well~ 😀

Favourite movies (anime, drama etc): There’s a lot. Amongst dramas, it’s “1 Liter of Tears”

Favourite ‘types’ (historical figures & anime characters are OK): Someone who’s nice and will eat delicious food with me.

When did you last laugh: When I accidentally said “unadzuchi” instead of “aidzuchi.” I was laughing in embarrassment.

So, what fetish do you have: Smells… ❤ *sniff sniff*

Where would you like to go now: Okinawa! I want to see the beautiful ocean.

My boom: ☆Ninja food☆ Plum Bonito Flavor!!

What’s your charm point: Hm, I wonder… My round face?

Someone you admire: A bunch! Everyone I’m always indebted to.

A book that left a deep impression on you: Manga-wise, it’s “Fruits Basket.” Novel-wise, it’s “Swear Eternal Love.”

What are your future plans, any messages you have: I’m going to do my best in my own way for 2011!! Please take a look at my blog for work-related information!

A Data Sheet from K-ON!

As usual this is from her seiyuu data file which is from 2011. The 2012 version is either not out yet or no one translated it yet. For a start let me talk about those statistics.

From my own interepretation and analysis, aka stalking, she seems to be those bubbly kind of girl and the kind you would expect to pout really cutely. She did say her charm point is her round face and she is completely correct about that. Pero… Pero… From what I heard a friend on twitter says and from several crazy radio shows, she sounds like Kirino from OreImo in real life. She does look really cute doesn’t she.

That smile... that round face.... 0.0

Now time for the part that either creeps people out or impresses them. The Trivia parts. Now from some really meaningless digging around I found out that she used to be on the “plump” side when she was younger and as expected 2ch people made fun of it. But I say its commendable, choosing to keep fit and all. On the topic of fitness, she is of average fitness for a girl doing 10 sit-ups in 30 seconds and is a normal right hander lifting 16 kg with her right hand and 11 kg with her left.

For chinese readers who can understand some gist of it.

After Tamayura Hitotose (the anime) she has rather liked photography and even bought a rather pricey SLR (single reflex lens camera). If only she would learn to use a DSLR (digital single reflex lens camera) and not misuse giant lenses like the photos below. But she looks so cute with her mini SLR. ^^

Not sure if that is the camera though

The final thing is… her Otakuism. From what I can see she is an Otaku. A serious one as that. She plays Galge (dating games) in her LIVING ROOM. Wow her parents are really open minded about it, could be the reason why she became a seiyuu. She also animatedly discusses Otaku stuff with HanaKana on their OreImo Radio on stuff like Lolis and coming out of the Otaku closet. Why are all those cute Otaku girls all in Japan? That or I had not noticed a single one here.


Another “interesting” is that she voices so many cat related characters that she has a habit of saying “nyan” really often. Like she clears her throat like that. Like she clears her throat like that. You may now collapse from the cuteness.

I guess she uses an Iphone?

Seiyuu wise, she does well in tsun-dere characters and has a rather prominent voice which you will notice even if she is playing a side character. That can be both a good and a bad thing but her voice acting is good and I like her voice. It has that confident yet shy feel. (Just asking, by here, how creeped out are you?)

In other fields, she is going to debut as a singer soon and I cannot wait for it. So far her singing is rather okay, so I want to see how she will sound singing in her original voice and not as a character. Another thing is she is getting a photobook taken in Guam. From the promotional posters, the pictures do not set my pet peeve of seeing badly taken photos. Most of the photos look really pleasing so I guess I will check both her Single and her photobook when they get released.


Anything else you would like to know about her? If you do just feel free to ask me cause there might be things that I have left out. If you enjoyed it please comment and tell me what do you think about it. For more information or pics, you can go to http://ambiseiy.com/ (for radio stuff) and here for pictures. As usual, moe picture.

Her single album cover... so cuuuute... IRL moe


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  1. So cute! Man i love that girl~~

  2. To think there was a (non-Japanese) otaku who (stalks) admires her as much as I do! Lol. I was too late in noticing you, comrade!
    My Ayachi DVD just arrived too, so I’m kind of in the middle of a hype. >.<

    • Lol there are plenty of non japanese ayachi fans xD she’s so cute of course she will get fans from around the world. Im still waiting for her second trip to singapore 😀

  3. O.o You mean you saw her LIVE!?
    T.T I’m… jealous… *bawls*
    …makes me remember that her birthday event was just three days ago… and I couldn’t attend… T.T
    Argh! Japan! Why you so far away!?
    Well, I know she has a lot of fans, (MAL proves that), but there aren’t that many who stalk her as much as I (or you) do. ^^;;;

    • Lol i did nt see her live… But i knew she came to singapore in 2009 for AFA and gave out four autographs….. Thats why i hoping for a second one

  4. Ooooh, too bad. >.< I actually only started to like her around… I think it was early~mid-2011 or something (before I knew it, I was in love XD)… If I had just liked her earlier, I would have taken the plane to Singapore right away… Guess you're the same?

    • Yeah… I got into her around mid last year so when i realised i was kinda downed that i missed it. Cause it was just a short train ride away

  5. Ouch. That hurts the most. >.<

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