Our Siscon Vampire Araragi (Nisemonogatari Episode 5 Review)

Not bad, Nisemonogatari. You have made me completely hate a character and for that I applaud you slowly and dramatically. They quality of this episode is great as usual and although there is hardly any storyline progression, I enjoyed seeing the characters talk.

Nope, does not look like he is gonna rape her, not one bit

My dear Araragi Koyomi, it seems like being branded a lolicon is not enough for you, you have to now announce to everyone that you’re a siscon as well.

Though with sisters like that, I can see why

This episode is about Karen’s meeting with Kaiki and how Araragi plans his next move and have some brother sister time. I see very little plot progression, but I just loved the conversations they have. And that “thing” that I had been waiting for finally appeared.

One word to describe this picture? Moe.

Kaiki has to be one of the most hated characters in the show now. Since there are not many characters that can be hated. His character design is superb, just the right combination for everyone to hate the f**k out of him. He’s greedy, selfish and so, damn money-minded. Cheating money out of middle-schoolers (13-15 year olds) by giving them supernatural problems? And doing that cause raging hormones are easy to trick? You are a really sad fool my dear conman.

I have to use a lot of moe to counteract the next few screenshots, brace yourself

Come on, it is not enough to mock the hell out of a really cute girl which already is a one way ticket to hell by the way. You curse her supernaturally because you do not have the physical strength to take her down, what a *****! Then you had to be a complete ass to charge her for you cursing her? What on earth is going on in that guy’s head? Taking ¥4000 (S$ 65) from a helpless girl lying on the ground writhing in pain and even wanting to take loose change? I can see why Karen wants to punch him so much, punching a guy like him will certainly relief stress and anger.

Somebody, SAVE HER!

He has the worst of every characteristic a bad guy can have. He’s a coward so much that he is afraid of the pain he might feel from fighting a 15 year old girl. I cannot really see any other bad points about him for now, but argh! I just want to strangle him and smash him in the face! I think I am getting a little bit too involved in the show, which is perfectly normal. Right?

God, I want to punch him sooo much! But doing so will spoil my screen.

We get more talk scenes with Hanekawa, which is just fantastic. Once again she adds in logic and sense which does not seem to exist anywhere else in the show. I mean she says logical stuff! There hardly seems to be any randomness coming from her! How is that possible in this show? I know I have said this several times but her new look looks awesome, somehow I find short hair more suiting for her. I love the talks she has with Araragi and especially this one. Cause she said it at last. “I do not know everything, just the things I know” that part, priceless.

"One does not simply know things that they do not know"

Once again, Araragi sister and brother have one of their moments. Probably to have a serious talk and all….

Serious ta..... wait what?!

God! What kind of serious talk goes that way??? Despite the exceedingly sensual scenes,

Fanservice is one of the things Nisem provides...

The conversation is surprisingly normal. But I have a question. I do not have any younger sisters, but isn’t having a 17 year old stripping a 15 year old to her bare clothes not normal, sibling or not? Then proceeding to wipe almost everywhere with a cloth?

Just when we though Sengoku's part was enough

I mean they are both teens already, do they not feel the awkwardness? I mean, he kinds of rips the clothing off her. Or do the producers really want to tease people with themes of incest hints? Whatever the reasoning, one thing is for sure. We can now add sisters to the list of fetishes that Araragi has.

I do not have blood left for a nosebleed.... just saying. This is just overly moe.

This episode is classic case of what makes Bakemonogatari. The simple and extremely interesting conversations. Not to mention the fanservice. Still, it is extremely enjoyable to watch so I like it. I will leave a space here for LessThanFree to write something if he wants to.

Wow, incest hints? Really?

I had to add another screenshot, what can I say? As you usual, leave your comments about my post or the episode here, if you are kind enough. It’s just nice to know people actually read to the end.

Not many well drawn pictures of the fire sisters sadly, those this will do ^^



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