The Moe Giant-Arse Skeleton (InuxBoku SS Episode 6 Review)

Thank you all for your support, as Cyborg said in his latest post, we have reached 10k views. It may not seem much but to us, it is a tremendous milestone and we thank you. So, on to some InuxBoku SS awesomeness.

Just something to get your attention

This episode is a really special want. It’s a Karuta centered episode. An entire episode listening to HanaKana’s sweet voice.

Hello? Paying attention???

This episode basically talks about the so called “weird” ways that Karuta does things and let us gets a better idea of what kind of person she is other than the quiet moe girl. And we get more Watanuki x Karuta scenes. But not as bad as I expected, that dude is more or less friendzoned. I will explain later.

A girl that can cook out of the kitchen is a great girl indeed. *Commits suicide for sexist remark*

Karuta turns out to be a really nice girl, but the way that she shows it makes other people misinterpret her. Kind of like Ririchiyo, just that they show their kindness in different ways. On the topic of both of those girls, they actually added a yuri scene between both of them. It’s not usually my style but… “Yuri Goggles on!”

Uwahahahahahaha... *nosebleed*

Mr. Creepy  Rabbit (Natsume) is quite the creeper. In one of the earlier episodes, it turned out his eyes can see into a person. Now we learnt that his eyes can see into a person, in more ways than one. Like you can either look into a person’s soul, or through their clothes. If you know what I mean? You should, I kind of made that really obvious. Plus he uses that classified information to his advantage.

Guess what he is talking about.

Watanuki turns out to be an old childhood FRIEND of Karuta, and knows her quite well as a FRIEND. Though the way thinks about it is just hilarious. “More than friends, but not quite lovers”, that seems to be a phrase that really applies to real life. Sorry dude, but that means you are friendzoned.

Poor dude, continue your fantasies but you cant get out of the friendzone

Now we also know why some people have these Youkai forms. You have to be born on the exact same day, time and with the same personality as your Youkai ancestor. So as a result these Youkai mixes are really rare. Turns out even their fate will be that same. And all of them do not have close ties to their parents. Wah, wah!

Classic display of S and M!

We have an urgent new report. This episode has an action scene! It wet woman (teeheehee) or Nure-onna and god it is a scary one. Imagine that in your room, you will be just overly freaked out by it. It has the head of a woman with long black hair and the body of a snake and kills people, how sweet. The question is that Karuta transformed to save them, why didn’t she just transform earlier and crush that Nure-onna with her first 2 fingers? I guess to prevent collateral damage to the school building.

Aiyeeee!!! Ahhhhh! My god!!! ARGHHH!!!

Final thing about Karuta. Basically her character is that she loves eating, looks blur but is very perceptive and she really knows and wants to repay any kindness to her. She is just to kind and nice… it is just too sweet~! From her love of food, she obviously knows how to cook and cook really well. Lastly, she behaves extremely moe. “Cooking is about seeing the possibilities clearly”

Be my waifu!!!

This episode is mostly a character development episode, seeing at how much the characters each grow in their own way this episode. Not really grow, but we get to see new parts of them, which is definitely interesting. Plus the moe you see streaming out of the characters is just too nose bleeding good.

Droooooll~ Pero Pero

Now if you are the kind of people like free who do not like watching EDs and skip them because you are an impatient ass, I advise you to reconsider that for this episode. For me the chance to listen to HanaKana sing is too great, plus the great pictures from the ED is just too moe. I will just tease you a bit here, the rest is for you to watch and drool over. HanaKana sure does a great job singing this one, its like Renai Circulation all over again!

Not really a tease, more of a mock

That’s it for this episode. I really liked this one and cause now Ririchiyo has found friends at last and that is kinda sweet. Next episode is probably a Nobara episode so praying for a Hiyochi sung ED. ^^ Until then, I leave you with another of those readymade Moe pictures. Sorry if this post seemed really rushed and not well planned (none of my posts seem planned xP) but I wanted this post up for you guys but my studies are important so I had to really rush on this one, sorry!

Since the show reused a pic, I can too. Plus it has a cool quote on it ^^;


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